Anxiety Therapy


Has Anxiety Taken Over Your Life And Stress Is Out Of Control ?

● Is it hard to remember the last time you felt relaxed and at ease?
● Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep and wake up with a feeling of dread or sadness?
● Do you feel that your mind is always loaded with negative, anxious thoughts?

You may feel a constant state of tension in your body, or you may even be experiencing health issues that your doctors say are stress related.

Perhaps you have been thinking of worst case scenarios for a while, and it feels like these thoughts take you down a rabbit hole that you can't get out of. You probably don't feel like
yourself anymore and are not even doing the things you used to do to make you feel better. You might be isolating and feel a sense of disconnection from the world.

No Matter What You're Going Through, You're Not Alone

It is estimated that more than 40 million American adults (18%) suffer from anxiety disorders according to the National Alliance on Mental Health ( Anxiety disorders also affect approximately 8% of children and teenagers in the United States.

There are a number of ways in which anxiety can negatively affect your physical health

It is not uncommon for anxiety to lead to physical symptoms that include sweaty palms, headaches, an upset stomach, or a racing heart rate as a result of stress. You might notice difficulty sleeping. These physical sensations feel very real and scary at the same time. Your body has gone into a fight or flight response and you are responding as though there is immediate danger right in front of you.

People Who Have Not Experienced This, May Have A Hard Time Understanding What You Are Going Through

In order to control these terrible feelings, you may start to avoid certain situations or places. You may stop engaging in activities that you used to do, even though you try really hard to maintain a sense of "normal" for both you and your partner or family.

You might even turn to family and friends for advice, but perhaps they don't have the tools to help you and talking to them makes you feel worse.

You probably want to figure out why your mind is making you feel like this, and wish you could go back to your old self. You miss the sense of tranquility that you have not felt in a while.

As a matter of fact, many people believe that anxiety is part of life and they just have to "deal" with it. The therapists at Baypoint Counseling Center can help you realize that anxiety does not have to rule your life.


Anxiety Is Part Of Life Indeed, However You Do Not Have To Live Feeling Anxious All The Time

When we go through life transitions, like moving, getting married, divorced, having a baby, going to a new school, a new career, all of these can cause some level of anxiety. The world is constantly exposing us to things that can cause anxiety such as natural disasters, world violence, political unrest, climate change, etc..

There are a number of factors which contribute to your mental wellbeing, and all the small things that make you anxious can add up.

We also have to note that in the age of social media, it is harder than ever to avoid the pressure to live up to the expectations of others. We see how others live their lives on Facebook or Instagram and are forced to make comparisons.

It is important to distinguish between chronic anxiety and normal anxiety

There is nothing wrong with a small amount of anxiety, but when it interferes with your life in some way, then it is a problem that needs to be addressed.

We are not generally taught how to cope with anxiety or relax. That is one of the reasons that anxiety does not get better on its own. Plus we often do not have the tools to deal with it on our own.

Sometimes people try to cope with anxiety in unhealthy ways, such as numbing it by watching TV, playing video games, or drinking or doing drugs.

Anxiety can really interfere with your life

At Baypoint Counseling Center, our therapists are specially trained to help you understand the core issue that is causing your anxiety, as well as provide you with a set of tools to use in order to cope with it.

The Right Type of Anxiety Therapy Can Make You Feel A Sense of Peace Once Again And Help You Reclaim Your Life

The thought of starting therapy can even evoke further feelings of anxiety…. one more thing to do can feel daunting. However, once you start you will get the tools to make the next session a bit easier, and the one after that will feel even easier.

Baypoint Counseling Center offers in-person, as well as virtual anxiety therapy, so that you can decide what is best for you each session.

Your therapist at Baypoint Counseling Center will make you feel at ease, safe and understood. We create a team so that together, we can conquer anxiety and help you get back to living life fully.

During anxiety therapy, you can expect to experience the following:

● The first thing we will do is identify and set goals. You will be in charge of deciding what you want to change and what you want to do differently.
● Your therapist will guide you and in creating a treatment plan that is personalized for you.
● Our therapists are trained in Mindfulness Therapy and will educate you on ways to train your mind to be in the here and now, rather than in the possible future or in the past.
● We will teach you how to pay attention to your breath, how to become aware of the tension in your muscles, and how to relax them.
● We will also use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help you better understand your thoughts and help you cope with the catastrophic thinking.
● Your therapist will also help you identify the source of this anxiety, so that you can challenge some old ways of thinking.

Implementing these techniques with the guidance of our therapists, you will be able to start to challenge the thoughts that are no longer working for you, you will know which techniques to use when anxiety starts to creep in and you will better understand your emotions and behaviors. This will lead to a life that is more productive, more fulfilling and more calm.

Anxiety therapy can help you break free from the cycle of anxious thinking and move forward into a life of joy and freedom. It is so beneficial to have a little extra guidance to get unstuck.

You May Still Have Questions

Can't I just do this on my own?

Just like sometimes we need a personal trainer to show us which physical exercises are right for us and keep us in check weekly, anxiety therapy will provide the expertise of a highly trained therapist, who has studied anxiety for years, to design the right ¨workout¨ for you.  We tailor your treatment to you, because we all experience anxiety in a different way.

Does online therapy work/is it as effective as in-person therapy?

Often, people find online therapy more helpful than in-person therapy. This is because you are able to have everything around you that helps you feel calm, feeling a sense of   control of your
own environment. In addition, you never have to leave your house, and for those dealing with extreme anxiety it may be an easier first step to treatment. It is possible to access and use all of the therapy treatments mentioned above through the use of online therapy.

Is online therapy private?

At Baypoint Counseling Center, we believe that privacy is the most important thing. It is very important for you to be in a private space where you are unlikely to be heard or interrupted.

You may need to ask others in your space to respect your privacy by doing things like turning on entertainment in another room or listening to something on headphones. We also use a HIPAA compliant platform to do therapy so that we do everything possible to protect your privacy.

Whether you choose to do anxiety therapy from the comfort of your home or you prefer to come into our centrally located office, we will make sure that you feel safe and comfortable.


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