Couples Therapy

Do you feel disconnected from your partner?


  • Does it seem like things are just not the way they used to be between you?
  • Have you noticed more conflict and worse communication with your partner?
  • Are you fighting and disagreeing more than you used to?
  • Do you miss the times when you used to feel cherished, admired, and loved in your relationship?

The energy of a new love can sustain a couple for a long period of time, but after time passes, you begin to realize that your relationship and your life are changing.  Feeling disconnected from our spouse or partner makes us feel sad and lonely.

You may find it difficult to adjust to changes in your relationship dynamic when they occur.

Couples move from the honeymoon phase into a more conflictual stage. Outside stressors may start to affect the connection, and all of sudden, you no longer find that best friend you thought you had in your partner. It is normal that you might jump to the conclusion that the relationship is doomed or that something is wrong with you or your spouse.  

Sometimes, instead of fighting, couples become so disconnected that they stop communicating, they shut down and retract into their shell, like a turtle. This feels very isolating, and makes the feeling of  disconnect even stronger for both partners. With the help of couples therapy, you can start to feel a connection again, come out of that shell, relearn new communication styles and begin to feel like a unit again.

It’s Normal to Experience Trouble in Relationships

It’s inevitable to have to deal with relationship issues of some form or another. It is part of the journey of being in connection with others. All relationships have their ups and downs. Just like life has ups and downs.  Everything that happens outside the relationship has an impact on the relationship itself. Sometimes, we feel more connected and our partners help us deal with work stress, issues with parents or children, friend issues or health concerns. Other times, we hope to find comfort in our partners, only to find that talking to them only makes things worse. 

Many feel their Partners are more like Roommates

Sometimes the passion in our relationships diminishes, or even disappears. When this happens, talking about this with friends or family can be embarrassing or you might want to protect your spouse from being seen in a certain way by people who know both of you.

The lack of passion can lead to feeling bored in your relationship, and a lack of trust can make you feel anxious in your relationship. We need both PASSION and TRUST.  When we do not feel safe, and we do not have a sense of passion, the disconnect grows and eventually it can lead to a complete break in the connection, just like a rubber band when you pull too hard.  

Fortunately, research shows that couples therapy can be very beneficial to couples who are disconnected. With the help of a well trained couples psychotherapist, you can be guided to that reconnection, learn new ways of communicating and feel that passion and that trust that you once felt in your relationship.

Couples Therapy Can Save Your Relationship


Our therapists are specifically trained in Couples Therapy and have the expertise, training and techniques that will help you revive your relationship. They will teach you how to communicate in a new way that will lead to reconnection, understanding and changes in behaviors.

Baypoint Counseling Center therapists are Relationship Experts. It doesn’t matter if you are experiencing a new problem, or have felt disconnected for decades. We are here to help you reconnect, communicate and learn how to live in your full essence, while being in connection. We are here to teach you new skills, and to guide you to a deep understanding of why we do what we do in connection with others. 

What are Couples Sessions Like?

    • We start by identifying what each partner’s wishes are, meeting with both partners at the same time in most cases. 
    • We then go back and understand the history of the relationship, reconnecting you with the way things were and highlighting the strengths of the relationship.
    • Next we start to teach you a new way of communicating where each partner learns to listen with curiosity, with no judgment and with empathy and compassion for the other. 
    • Sometimes a therapist may want to meet with each partner privately for one session or more, but this is not always necessary.  
    • We may encourage reading certain books in between sessions, working on exercises outside of therapy on a weekly basis and journaling, or even individual therapy. 

We work with a systemic approach, which means we take into account anything that might be impacting the relationship, such as work, family, health, culture, race, or finances. We look at how you each grew up and what you each experienced as you were developing into the relational beings that you are today. 

Oftentimes couples complain that their partners are not the same person they were when the relationship first started. We are never the same, we are all in a constant state of change, and when two people change, they need to constantly readjust to each other. 

In Couples Therapy you will learn how to say goodbye to the relationship you once had, and say hello to a new relationship. In some cases, it is deciding to be with this new version of each other, and making that commitment all over again. 

In other cases, couples therapy will help you to redefine that relationship into something new, even if it includes no longer being romantic partners, but perhaps being friends, or good parents in a co-parenting relationship.


We DO NOT offer Cookie Cutter therapy but rather a personalized approach

Our therapists are highly trained and can easily identify the needs of each of the partners, always making sure that both partners feel heard and understood by the therapist and by the other partner.  All love stories start with a spark. In therapy, we will help you to get to that place again, to go back to the reason why you selected this particular person to join you on your life’s journey. 

We will help you identify what the strengths of your relationship are, by helping each of you reconnect with your true self, and creating a safe environment for that true self to shine in connection with each other.  Finding a place of hope to take a break from all the arguing and fighting will feel like taking a load off your back.

You may still have questions…

Is couples therapy expensive?

Our relationships have a significant impact on our productivity at work, on our mental and physical health and on our overall well-being .  Investing in Couples therapy and regaining a sense of peace can make you feel better emotionally, be more productive and overall healthier physically and mentally.

If your relationship does not improve, or you engage in a nasty divorce, the cost to both partners and to the overall wellbeing of the family, including children can be very expensive and damaging in many ways.  We offer different rates by different therapists, so that couples therapy can be affordable. Even the less expensive therapists are personally selected, trained and supervised by our founder, Dr. Veronica Dumas, Psy.D. who has been practicing for over 20 years and is happily married for over 25 years.  

What if I feel we are doomed as a couple and think that nothing can help? Or that the issues that we have are too big and have no energy to face them?

That probably means that you are living in a state of survival, or fight or flight mode, rather than in your ESSENCE.  If that is the case, most likely, your relationship issues are causing you to be anxious, depressed, lonely, hopeless and probably interfering with your life in a significant way. That is your sign 

that something must be done, to reconnect with yourself, and to heal from any damage that the relationship may have caused. Sometimes, the best thing for a couple is to say goodbye. 

Our relationship experts are trained to guide you in the process of separation, making it a process of purifying the space between you and your partner, honoring what once was, saying goodbye to the relationship you once had, and perhaps saying hello to a different type of relationship.

What if only one partner wants to go to couples therapy?

Our therapists provide FREE 15 minute phone consultations so that both partners can get a sense of what will happen in therapy.  If your partner still does not agree to come, a few individual sessions with a couples therapist can help you to learn how to communicate your wishes for therapy in a way that might be more successful.  Our therapists will guide you to ensure the best outcome for you and your partner. 

What's the next step? I’m ready.

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